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Refurbished Computers
Buying Guide.

For Schools & NGO’s

Admin tasks such as email, accounting can be well performed on our glitch free systems at NGOs, schools.

Below is a carefully compiled buying guide that will help school teachers and admin staff at schools, colleges, NGOs decide the computer which will serve their purpose. The below factors impact the price and performance.

  • Processor
  • RAM
  • HDD

Which Configuration to choose?

Configuration Usage
Dual Core / 2GB
This is for students who use a computer for browsing the internet and using educational content. When using this configuration, please avoid keeping multiple programs open at the same time to keep the computer running fast. If more than 2 or 3 programs are open, the computer will take more time to respond.
Core i3 / 4GB
This is great for those who regularly use a computer for everyday admin tasks such as email, Tally or any other auditing/accounting software, web browsing, writing documents; and will typically have multiple programs open at one time.
Core i5 / 8GB
This is for those who use a computer for using/ developing software applications, photo editing, multimedia, etc

I am pleased to inform that the refurbished laptops sold by Mr. Raghav’s company Renew IT are of excellent quality and with subsidised Microsoft software is amazing.

I recommend his products /services to my clients, friends and family members without any hesitation.

Channa Keshava Reddy Peritech Systems Corporation