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Refurbished Computers
Buying Guide.

For Students

You want to attend online classes, create your projects/presentations without any disruptions?
Then, worry no more! RenewIT‘s systems are well suited for you.

A carefully compiled buying guide will help you choose the right computer solution.

  • Processor
  • RAM
  • HDD

Which Configuration to choose?

Configuration Usage
Dual Core / 2GB
This is for those who use a computer for browsing internet and using educational content. When using this configuration, please avoid keeping multiple programs open at the same time to keep the computer running fast. If more than 2 or 3 programs are open, the computer will take more time to respond.
Core i3 / 4GB
This is for those who use a computer for online classes, sending emails, writing small documents, creating presentations (for project work or assignments) and to browse websites.
Core i5 / 8GB
This is for those who use a computer for developing software applications, photo editing, multimedia, etc.

I met Raghav and his Team of Renew IT at a CSR Expo in Bangalore in late 2015. From that very first moment my experience of working with them can be summed up in two or three words – Professionalism, Formality & Sincerity.

We have rarely come across them saying, “not possible’, it has always been, “we can try”.  None of the projects they have handled have spilled over on time. They have always delivered as committed.

Over the past 5/6 years we have jointly completed scores of projects and there has never been any complaints from the clients.I wish RenewIT “All the best”.

Anand Chaturvedi, Founder Director, The Avasar Foundation, Bangalore.