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RenewIT Refurbished Computers Buying Guide: Solutions for Offices and Businesses

For Offices and Businesses

Looking for a high performing system with no malware or breakdowns? Then, you have arrived at the right place! Choose RenewIT’s guaranteed warranty backed systems with our carefully compiled buying guide.

Carefully consider the following factors which impact the price and performance.

  • Processor
  • RAM
  • HDD

Which Configuration to choose?

Configuration Usage
Dual Core / 2GB
This is for those who use a computer for email, meetings and browsing internet. When using this configuration, please avoid keeping multiple programs open at the same time to keep the computer running fast. If more than 2 or 3 programs are open, the computer will take more time to respond.
Core i3 / 4GB
This is great for those who regularly use a computer for everyday office tasks such as email, Tally or any other accounting software, web browsing, writing documents; and will typically have multiple programs open at one time.
Core i5 / 8GB
This is for those who use a computer for using/ developing software applications, photo editing, multimedia, etc

Instead of value for money, we should mention that value of product when it comes to service from RenewIT. I am AVIN S JAIN founder and chief designer of VAIA (Vidhwaan’s Architecture-interior Adornment) PMC Design consultants.

Practicing from 15 years & served more than 3.5k clients, being a consultant’s office, we require computers & laptop for our team, we got introduced to Raghav co-founder of renew IT, 6 years back & started purchasing few desktop & laptops, I must say that you will never get such good deals from anywhere, I purchased 2 touch screen laptops 3 years back for lesser than half the price, it’s still working fine, this shows that how quality refurbishment processes happens @ RenewIT.

Only genuine products are sold, I trust & recommend them to all friends to get best deals on refurbished computers. Thanks, RenewIT for your quality sales & service, very professional at their work.

Founder and chief designer VAIA (Vidhwaan’s Architecture-interior Adornment) PMC & Design consultants