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Why Buy From ReNewIt

RenewIT India’s first Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher offers its customers Affordable, Warranted and Authentic IT systems. We always ensure the performance and the features offered are absolutely unfaltering. We strive towards our mission “Make Computers Affordable for everyone” thereby bridging the digital divide in our country.

Genuine Windows Licensed systems

Warranty backed systems


Checked, Verified ,Certified Refurbished systems

“Almost new” like experience

Computer Protection plan available (Add on AMC)

Environment friendly

PAN India Delivery

Certified third party service locations in major cities

ReNew IT

Renew IT is India’s first Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher offering some of the best variants of certified branded desktops/laptops with genuine Windows licenses. All our wide range of computers pass severe stringent quality tests and thus perfect in quality and physical condition, giving customers an almost new like experience. We aim to provide “Affordable Computers to Everyone”.

Although RenewIT was started in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, RenewIT has a PAN India presence with rapid delivery and service.

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Computers In School

Computers In School

“Computers in Schools “is a CSR initiative by RenewIT to help bridge the digital divide in our country by setting up Computer Labs in ill-funded schools to create an equal opportunity for all students.

RenewIT acts as a facilitator between Corporate organisations and NGOs. We procure and refurbish computers from corporates whose lease is at end of life cycle and then provide these refurbished computers to NGOs, who have rightly identified schools which need Computer Labs.

Donate Your Computer

Do your bit in these difficult times! Dispose your E-waste smartly. Leave it to RenewIT. We pick up the system for you, refurbish it and identify the needy individual /student and deliver it to them safely. Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Fill up a simple form.
  2. Schedule a pickup
  3. Upload a picture of your system.

RenewIT notifies you the condition of the system after thorough refurbishing and also notifies to whom it is donated to.

Any needy student/registered NGOs can put in their request for a system.