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Is buying a refurbished computer worth all the risk?

Pros of a New Computer Pros of a Refurbished Computer
Battery Life– With the new battery technology, battery capacity, size weight and life expectancy continue to improve. Cost savings– Refurbished computers are significantly less expensive than new ones and those savings add up quickly. Refurbished computers are often discounted by up to 30 to 40 percent or more from the original computer prices.
Latest generation technology– Technology is always improving and sometimes you need to experience these new innovations yourself to appreciate the value. Latest generation technology– Refurbished computers allow you to test latest generation features without having to pay a higher price for a brand-new system.
Quality Assurance– Refurbished computers go through rigorous testing before they are ready for use. Laptop batteries lose their ability to hold a full charge over time. In the refurbishment process, batteries are tested and replaced as necessary.
Reuse – Refurbished computers provide is a great way to reduce electronic waste and provides assurance to help protect the environment.
Warranty and Customer Support– Refurbished computers come with warranties and customer support, providing assurance to customers.