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Green Computing Innovation in Eaducation

School attendance in India decreases when children are required to spend hours collecting water. A 22% increase in school dropout rates has been reported in drought affected states.

Children observe these everyday problems and decide to come up with solutions.

A zipline that transports water from the handpump to the huts.

With access to technology, these kids can create prototypes of their solutions and test them. It is a lot easier to bring creative minds and ideas closer when access to multimedia and digital content is present.

The blend of technology and creativity always brings innovative new ideas and thereby new avenues.

By providing opportunities to children and creating awareness among parents, effective solutions come up and enhances their living. Development of a community happens, which will have a long term positive impact.

As the new academic year begins, RenewIT would like to foster a love for technology and learning in children belonging to underprivileged communities.

Through RenewIT’s exclusive donation program, refurbished desktops along with monitors will be donated to schools /foundations in remote locations of India thereby giving them digital access and bridging the digital divide.