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"Join Third Party Refurbisher Program and get Windows 10 Licenses on Refurbished Computers at discounted prices "

Renew IT is India’s First Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (since 2015) and is a stickler to quality. We believe pre-installing a genuine operating system is vital to maintaining the highest quality customer experience

Renew IT being a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) offers a Microsoft Third Party Refurbisher (TPR) program. The Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) licensing program is tailored to the needs of large refurbishers that wish to work with Microsoft to deliver genuine Microsoft software licenses on the computers they refurbish and sell in the commercial market. The TPR program allows a licensing program to refurbishers to gain access to some of the tools, processes, and discounts that MARs enjoy.

How do you benefit from becoming a TPR?

  • Genuine Windows at discounted prices with a fully functional solution.
  • Entitled to a complete upgrade path of future releases of Windows.
  • Access to all updates and downloads available from Microsoft.
  • Give your customers a genuine “out-of-the-box-experience” and no more hassles of malware or breakdowns.
  • As a TPR, our hope is to help you grow your business. To accomplish this, we will help redefine your processes to produce higher numbers more efficiently.
  • We offer a complete imaging package that includes a server capable of imaging 300 computers at once for a small fee. We act as a support desk for technical issues that arise from your imaging process. We will keep you up to date with program changes and enhancements.

We assure we will help all our TPRs with the same quality procedures as followed by us, along with any Microsoft reporting.