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Donation program

| Raghav B K | Blog
Come summer, and water becomes a commodity as precious as gold in India. According to a recent report, a large number of Indians face extreme water stress, without access to water in the comfort of their homes.

Latest Refurbishing trends

| Raghav B K | Blog
Explore the latest refurbishing trends as a sustainable, cost-effective alternative to new devices, uncovering industry innovations and the benefits of eco-friendly, wallet-friendly tech options.

Going refurbished is a capital incentive

| Raghav B K | Blog
When it comes to buying refurbished computers, there are a plenty of players in the market and selecting one of them gets overwhelming. If you want to make sure the computer is checked, verified and tested and “just like new” from an operational standpoint, then always choose a MAR.

Is buying a refurbished computer worth all the risk?

| Raghav B K | Blog
Evaluate the pros and cons of buying refurbished computers, addressing concerns about performance and reliability while exploring cost savings and making informed purchasing decisions.
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